Greg Carrillo Racing


Photo : Gary Nastase

Gregory Carrillo began his humble historic drive within the NHRA – National Hot Rod Association’s amateur Drag Racing category named Super Comp. This may be amateur side-by-side racing but to excel & win multiple National Events within this highly competitive Series where winning & losing is held to 0.001 seconds it requires determination, dedication and the pursuit of excellence.


Photo : Gary Nastase

Greg Carrillo also took huge advantage of these major North American consumer events by developing fresh new promotional event activation techniques that would establish his marketing business & his marketing partnerships for the years ahead. It is this pursuit for innovation and striving for excellence that has created the catalyst and foundation for the new Greg Carrillo Racing NHRA Championship Top Fuel marketing machine.


Photo : Samantha Troudt

Professional Motorsports (Racing) attracts the world’s best business brands because of the high consumer visibility worldwide but more than that these companies and their brands want to associate with a winner. Our winning GCR & GCM team is already a proven itself on and off the track and we will take our expertise and create new excitement in the years to come.